From Abortion Law to Pro-Life Law.

On 28th June 2023 The President signed into a law an amendment to the Criminal Code relating to pregnant mothers and unborn babies.

The campaign Inti’ Tists Ssalvani was instituted because the original draft of this amendment proposed by the Government would have legalised abortion in Malta, however the final version, that is now law, does not.  The coalition Inti Tista’ Ssalvani has worked with judges, doctors, lawyers and ethicists to analyse the final version put forward by the Government and has concluded that it does not introduce abortion to Malta but will codify the existing life-saving practices currently being applied in Malta, and provide further safeguards for mothers, unborn babies, and doctors.  

The Inti’ Tists Ssalvani campaign thanks the 25,790 people who, through the website put pressure on the Government by contacting Members of Parliament by signing the petition and sending emails, and also the 20,000 people who demonstrating in Valletta on 4th December 2022.  

What has been done, and the part each and every one played has saved lives! Thank you! 

The Government’s final version of the law went through Committee Stage and a unanimous vote in Parliament, being supported by both the Government and the Opposition. 

We believes that the Government’s redrafting of the amendment was a direct result of the people who joined the online campaign and the people who demonstrated in Valletta and the many individuals who expressed their concerns publicly on social media and privately with their MPs – sending a clear message that the original draft of the law would have introduced abortion to Malta, and this was not acceptable to the people of Malta. 

The coalition thanks the Government for having listened to the concerns raised by the coalition that was led by Life Network Foundation, Doctors For Life, and I see Life, supported by President Emeritus Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, many other pro-life groups, 44 NGOs, Groups and Associations, and the group of 80 expert made up of doctors, medics, judges, lawyers and ethicists across Malta and Gozo as well as the Catholic Church. 

The Coalition also thanks His Excellency The President of Malta Dr George Vella MD, for his strong defence of life and his appeal and efforts for further dialogue that have not gone unheeded. 

Below is an explanation of the law and why we can confidently say it is a pro-life law.  


1. All the laws regarding abortion, harm to the unborn baby and the protection of embryo remain in place. 

2. The new law only applies to a pregnant mother who is in a very significant medical complication that, if left untreated, would likely lead to her death. 

3. In an emergency situation when a mother is dying, a doctor can act swiftly and confidently to save the life of the mother, even if that causes unfortunate harm or death of the unborn baby.  

4. In a non-emergency situation, a team of three doctors must ensure that all treatments that would save the mother and the baby have been exhausted, before proceeding to a necessary treatment to save the life of the mother, even though it could cause the unfortunate harm or death of the unborn baby.  

5. Further safeguards have been added including:
a) Non-emergency treatments must be in licenced hospital.
b) The legal stipulation of what constitutes a medical team that can decide on such issues (3 doctors including specialists).
c) if an unborn baby has reached the age at which it could survive outside the womb of the mother, the action of the medical team will, if possible, be to deliver the baby early, as this is likely to be the best way to save the mother and the baby. 

Malta has one of the lowest maternal mortality rate in the world, due to very high medical standards and practices.  This new legislation will build on that very high standard of protecting mothers and babies.

Read the new law here: